Yechezkel 30

1 0 The Davar Hashem came again unto me, saying,
2 Ben adam, prophesy, say, Thus saith Adonoi Hashem: Wail ye, Alas for the day!
3 For the day is near, even the Yom Hashem is near, a Yom Anan (Day of Cloud); it shall be the time of the Goyim.
4 And the cherev shall come upon Mitzrayim, and great anguish shall be in Kush (Ethiopia), when the slain shall fall in Mitzrayim, and they shall take away her wealth, and her yesodot (foundations) shall be broken down.
5 Kush, and Put, and Lud, and all the mixed horde, and Libya, and the Bnei Eretz HaBrit with them, shall fall by the cherev.
6 Thus saith Hashem: They also that support Mitzrayim shall fall; and the ga’on (pride) of her strength shall come down; from Migdol to Aswan shall they fall within her by the cherev, saith Adonoi Hashem.
7 And they shall be desolate betoch (in the midst of) the countries that are desolate, and her towns shall be in the midst of the towns that are laid waste.
8 And they shall know that I am Hashem, when I have set an eish in Mitzrayim, and when all her allies shall be destroyed.
9 In that day shall malachim go forth from Me in ships to make the complacently secure Ethiopians afraid, and great anguish shall come upon them, as in the Yom Mitzrayim; for, hinei, it cometh.
10 Thus saith Adonoi Hashem; I will also cause the multitude of Mitzrayim to cease by the yad of Nevuchadretzar Melech Bavel.
11 He and his army with him, the most terrible of the Goyim, shall be brought in to destroy ha’aretz; and they shall draw their charavot (swords) against Mitzrayim, and fill ha’aretz with the slain.
12 And I will make the river channels dry, and sell ha’aretz to the yad ra’im; I will make eretz desolate, and all that is therein, by the yad of zarim. I Hashem have spoken it.
13 Thus saith Adonoi Hashem: I will also destroy the gillulim (idols), and I will cause their elilim (images, false g-ds) to cease out of Noph; and there shall be no more a nasi of Eretz Mitzrayim; and I will put fear in Eretz Mitzrayim.
14 And I will make Patros desolate, and will kindle eish, setting fire to Tzoan, and will execute shefatim (judgments, punishments) in No.
15 And I will pour My fury upon Siyn, the ma’oz (stronghold) of Mitzrayim; and I will cut off the multitude of No.
16 And I will kindle eish, setting fire to Mitzrayim; Siyn shall writhe in anguish, and No shall be breached, and Noph shall be taken by storm in broad daylight.
17 The bochurim of On and of Pi-veset shall fall by the cherev; and these towns shall go into captivity.
18 At Tehaphnehes also the day shall be darkened, when I shall break there the yokes of Mitzrayim; and the ga’on (pride) of her strength shall cease in her; as for her, an anan (a cloud) shall cover her, and her banot shall go into captivity.
19 Thus will I execute shefatim (judgments) in Mitzrayim; and they shall know that I am Hashem.
20 And it came to pass in the eleventh year, in the first month, in the seventh day of the month, that the Devar Hashem came unto me, saying,
21 Ben adam, I have broken the zero’a of Pharaoh Melech Mitzrayim; and, hinei, it shall not be bound up to bring refu’ot (healing), nor a splint put on to bind it, to make it strong to hold the cherev.
22 Therefore thus saith Adonoi Hashem: Hinei, I am against Pharaoh Melech Mitzrayim, and will break his zero’ot (arms), the chazakah (strong), and that which was broken; and I will cause the cherev to fall out of his yad.
23 And I will scatter Mitzrayim among the Goyim, and will disperse them through the countries.
24 And I will strengthen the zero’ot (arms) of Melech Bavel, and put My cherev in his yad; but I will break the zero’ot of Pharaoh, and he shall groan before him with the groanings of the mortally wounded.
25 But I will strengthen the zero’ot (arms) of Melech Bavel, and the zero’ot (arms) of Pharaoh shall fall down; and they shall know that I am Hashem, when I shall put My cherev into the yad of Melech Bavel, and he shall stretch it out against Eretz Mitzrayim.
26 And I will scatter the Mitzrayim among the Goyim, and disperse them among the countries; and they shall know that I am Hashem.
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