Yehoshua 15

1 5 This then was the goral (lot) of the tribe of the Bnei Yehudah by their mishpekhot; even to the territory of Edom, to the midbar of Tzin toward the Negev in the extreme south.
2 And their southern boundary was from the shore of the Yam HaMelach, from the bay that looketh southward;
3 And it went out to the south side to Maaleh Akrabbim, passed along to Tzin, ascended up on the south side unto Kadesh-Barnea, passed along to Chetzron, went up to Adar, and turned toward Karka;
4 From there it passed toward Atzmon, and went out unto the Wadi Mitzrayim; and the boundary ended at the Yam [Mediterranean Sea]; this shall be your south border.
5 And the east boundary is the Yam HaMelach, even unto the mouth of the Yarden. And their boundary in the north quarter was from the bay of the Yam [Dead Sea] at the mouth of the Yarden;
6 And the boundary went up to Beit-Chogla, and passed along by the north of Beit-Aravah; and the boundary went up to the Even Bohan ben Reuven;
7 And the boundary went up toward Devir from the Achor Valley, and so northward, looking toward Gilgal, which faces Ma’aleh-Adumim, which is on the south side of the wadi; and the boundary passed toward the Ein-Shemesh Spring, and ended at Ein Rogel;
8 And the boundary went up by Ben Hinnom Valley unto the slope of the Yevusi (that is, Yerushalayim); and the boundary went up to the top of the har that is before the Hinnom Valley westward, which is at the end of the Repha’im Valley northward;
9 From the top of the har the boundary ran unto the source of Nephtoach Spring, and went out to the towns of Har Ephron; and the boundary went to Baalah (that is, Kiryat Yearim);
10 And the boundary curved from Baalah westward unto Mt Seir, and ran along unto the slope of Mt Yearim (that is, Kesalon), on the north side, and went down to Beit Shemesh, and passed on to Timnah;
11 And the boundary went out unto the side of Ekron northward; and the boundary ran over to Shikkeron, and passed along to Mt Baalah, and went out unto Yavne’el; and the boundary ended at the Yam [Mediterranean Sea].
12 And the western boundary is HaYamah HaGadol, and the coast thereof. This is the boundary around the Bnei Yehudah according to their mishpekhot.
13 And unto Kalev ben Yephunneh he gave chelek among the Bnei Yehudah, according to the commandment of Hashem to Yehoshua, even Kiryat-Arba (avi HaAnak), which is Chevron.
14 And Kalev drove from there the three Bnei Anak: Sheshai and Achiman and Talmai, the descendants of Anak.
15 And he went up from there to the inhabitants of Devir; and the shem of Devir formerly was Kiryat Sefer.
16 And Kalev said, He that strikes down Kiryat Sefer, and taketh it, to him will I give Achsah my bat as isha.
17 And Otniel ben Kenaz, the brother of Kalev, took it; and he gave him Achsah his bat as isha.
18 And it came to pass, as she came unto him, that she urged him to ask of her av a sadeh; and she got off her chamor; and Kalev said unto her, What wouldest thou?
19 She answered, Give me a brocha; for thou hast given me eretz HaNegev [land in the southern desert]; give me also springs of water. And he gave her the upper springs, and the lower springs.
20 This is the nachalah of the tribe of the Bnei Yehudah according to their mishpekhot.
21 And the towns at the extremity of the tribe of the Bnei Yehudah toward the boundary of Edom southward were Kavtze’el, and Eder, and Yagur,
22 And Kinah, and Dimonah, and Adadah,
23 And Kedesh, and Chatzor, and Yitnan,
24 Ziph, and Telem, and Bealot,
25 And Chatzor, Chadattah, and Keriot, and Chetzron, which is Chatzor,
26 Amam, and Shema, and Moladah,
27 And Chatzar Gaddah, Cheshmon, and Beit-Pelet,
28 And Chatzar Shual, Beer- Sheva, and Bizyot-Yah,
29 Baalah, Iyim, Etzem,
30 And Eltolad, and Kesil, and Chormah,
31 And Ziklag, and Madmannah, and Sansannah,
32 And Levaot, and Shilchim, and Ayin, and Rimmon; all the cities are 29, with their villages.
33 And in the Shefelah: Eshtaol, and Tzoreah, and Ashnah,
34 And Zanoach, and Ein-Gannim, Tapuach, and Enam,
35 Yarmut, and Adulam, Socho, and Azekah,
36 And Shearim, and Aditayim, and Gederah, and Gederotayim; 14 cities with their villages.
37 Tzenan, and Chadashah, and Migdal-Gad,
38 And Dilean, and Mitzpeh, and Yokte’el,
39 Lachish, and Botzkat, and Eglon,
40 And Kabbon, and Lachmas, and Kitlish,
41 And Gederot, Beit-Dagon, and Naamah, and Makkedah; 16 cities with their villages.
42 Livnah, and Eter, and Ashan,
43 And Yiphtach, and Ashnah, and Netziv,
44 And Keilah, and Achziv, and Mareshah; 9 cities with their villages.
45 Ekron, with her towns and her villages.
46 From Ekron even unto the Yam, all that lay near Ashdod, with their villages.
47 Ashdod with her towns and her villages, Azah (Gaza) with her towns and her villages, unto the Wadi Mitzrayim, and the Yam HaGadol, and the coastline thereof.
48 And in the har, Shamir, and Yatir, and Socho,
49 And Dannah, and Kiryat Sannah, which is Devir,
50 And Anav, and Eshtemoh, and Anim,
51 And Goshen, and Cholon, and Giloh; 11 cities with their villages;
52 Arav, and Dumah, and Esh’an,
53 And Yanum, and Beit Tappuach, and Aphekah,
54 And Chumtah, and Kiryat Arba, which is Chevron, and Tzior; 9 cities with their villages;
55 Maon, Carmel, and Ziph, and Yutah,
56 And Yizre’el, and Yokdeam, and Zanoah,
57 Kayin, Giveah, and Timnah; 10 cities with their villages;
58 Chalchul, Beit-Tzur, and Gedor,
59 And Maarat, and Beit-Anot, and Eltekon; 6 cities with their villages;
60 Kiryat Baal, which is Kiryat-Ye’arim, and Rabbah; 2 cities with their villages;
61 In the midbar, Beit Aravah, Middin, and Sechachah,
62 And Nivshan, and the Ir HaMelach, and Engedi; 6 cities with their villages.
63 As for the Yevusi, the inhabitants of Yerushalayim, the Bnei Yehudah could not drive them out; but the Yevusi dwell with the Bnei Yehudah at Yerushalayim unto HaYom Hazeh.
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