Yehoshua 16

1 6 And the goral (lot) of the Bnei Yosef ran from the Yarden by Yericho, east of the spring at Yericho, to the midbar that goeth up from Yericho into the hill country of Beit-El,
2 And goeth out from Beit-El to Luz, and passeth along unto the territory of Arkhi to Atarot,
3 And goeth down westward to the territory of Yaphleti, unto the territory of Lower Beit Choron, and to Gezer; ending at the Yam [Mediterranean Sea].
4 So the Bnei Yosef, Menasheh and Ephrayim, inherited their nachalah.
5 And the boundary of the Bnei Ephrayim according to their mishpekhot was thus: the boundary of their nachalah on the east side was Atarot Addar, unto Upper Beit Choron;
6 And the boundary ran toward the Yam to Michmetat on the north side; and the boundary ran eastward unto Taanat Shiloh, and passed by it on the east to Yanochah;
7 And it ran down from Yanochah to Atarot, and to Naarah, and came to Yericho, and ran to an end at the Yarden.
8 The boundary ran from Tapuach westward unto the Wadi Kanah; and the end thereof ran to the Yam. This is the nachalah of the tribe of the Bnei Ephrayim by their mishpekhot.
9 And the towns set aside for the Bnei Ephrayim were inside the Bnei Menasheh, all the towns with their villages.
10 And they drove not out the Kena’ani that dwelt in Gezer: but the Kena’ani dwell among the Ephrayim unto yom hazeh, and serve under forced labor.
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