Yirmeyah 43

1 3 And it came to pass, that when Yirmeyah had made an end of speaking unto kol haAm all the divrei Hashem Eloheihem, for which Hashem Eloheihem had sent him to them, even all these words,
2 Then spoke Azaryah ben Hoshayah, Yochanan ben Kareach, and all the anashim hazedim, saying unto Yirmeyah, Thou speakest sheker; Hashem Eloheinu hath not sent thee to say, Go not into Mitzrayim to sojourn there;
3 But Baruch ben Neriyah inciteth thee against us, for to deliver us into the yad haKasdim, that they might put us to death, and carry us away into the Golus of Babylon.
4 So Yochanan ben Kareach, and all the officers of the forces, and kol haAm, obeyed not the voice of Hashem, to dwell in Eretz Yehudah.
5 But Yochanan ben Kareach, and all the officers of the forces, took all the she’erit Yehudah, that were returned from kol haGoyim, where they had been driven there, to dwell in Eretz Yehudah;
6 Even men, and women, and children, and the banot hamelech,and every nefesh that Nevuzaradan, the captain of the imperial guard, had left with Gedalyah ben Achikam ben Shaphan, and Yirmeyah HaNavi, and Baruch ben Neriyah.
7 So they came into Eretz Mitzrayim; for they obeyed not the voice of Hashem; thus came they even as far as Tahpanhes.
8 Then came the Devar Hashem unto Yirmeyah in Tahpanhes, saying,
9 Take avanim gedolim in thine yad, and bury them in the clay in the brick pavement, which is at the entrance of the bais Pharaoh in Tahpanhes, before the eyes of the anshei Yehudah;
10 And say unto them, Thus saith Hashem Tzva’os Elohei Yisroel: Hineni, I will send and take Nevuchadretzar Melech Bavel, avdi (my servant), and will set his throne upon these avanim that I have hid; and he shall spread his royal pavilion over them.
11 And when he cometh, he shall smite Eretz Mitzrayim, and deliver such as are for mot to mot; and such as are for captivity to captivity; and such as are for the cherev to the cherev.
12 And I will kindle an eish in the batim (houses) of the g-ds of Mitzrayim; and he shall burn them, and carry them away captive; and he shall wrap himself with Eretz Mitzrayim, as a ro’eh putteth on his garment; and he shall go forth from there in shalom.
13 He shall demolish also the matzevot Bais Shemesh, that is in Eretz Mitzrayim; and the batim (houses) of the g-ds of the Egyptians shall he burn with eish.
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