The marvelous book Marley and Me has been a publishing phenomenon. It was recently released as a major motion picture. John Grogan told the true story of how his family came to love a very complicated dog that misbehaved often but was filled with happiness and love.
According to Grogan, while on the set of the movie based on his book, he decided to take home one of the puppies that was playing the part of Marley. The dog’s name is Woodson. Not long after they brought the dog home, they noticed that something was terribly wrong. He walked around like he was suffering from arthritis. Grogan took Woodson to the vet, and the dog was diagnosed as having a rare birth defect that causes severe malformation of the hips. The dog would never be normal.
Grogan told the breeders so they would have the crucial information, and they offered to give him another puppy and take Woodson back. After talking it over with his wife, John decided to keep Woodson and give him the medical care he needed. While he will never be normal, he will live a happy life. So, the Grogans accepted a dog that was severely mischievous and later one that was severely disabled.
That kind of love reminds us of the love Christ has for us. We may not always behave correctly, and we are exasperatingly imperfect; but He wants us in the family, and He cares for us.