Created from Georgia marble and Florida coquina stone, and ornamented with the forms of plants and animals, the Bok Tower in Lake Wales, Florida was built to house a 57-bell carillon. Visitors sit amidst the splendor of a lovely subtropical garden to listen to the lovely music of the bells. Every part of the carillon moves mechanically as it has in carillons since the seventeenth century. The largest of the bells weighs over 11 tons! The smallest bell weighs only 17 pounds! Every one of the 57 bells is necessary to play the melodies that cover nearly five octaves. The big bell cannot boast that the little bell is unimportant. The little bell cannot boast that the largest is much too large, and much too loud. The same thing is true in the kingdom of God. Whether the work we do seems large or small, whether the melody we make is loud or soft, God needs us so that the work of his church can move in perfect harmony.