Each person in that crowd surrounding Jesus' cross had his or her own reason for being there. She wanted to be there because she felt it was a significant event and she wanted to be able to share with her grandchildren what it was like that day on Golgotha. He wanted to be there because of a deep-seated hatred for the radical new teachings of this itinerant evangelist from Galilee. Mary was there because this was her Son. John was there because this was his friend and rabbi. Then there were others; they watched out of curiosity. Not that they had never seen a crucifixion before, but they had never seen anyone like Jesus crucified. "What would He do? How would He react?"

Looking back over two thousand years we know how it turned out for Jesus. He tore away the prison bars of death. But on that dark, lonely day atop Golgotha, there were no answers, only anxious questions.

Illustration from:  Greg Hollifield, Minister, Free Will Baptist Church, Erwin, TN