Warren Wiersbe writes that “Years ago a traveling entertainer billed himself as ‘The Human Fly.’ He would climb up the sides of buildings or monuments without the aid of ropes or the protection of nets. Usually the whole neighborhood would turn out to watch him. During one performance, the Human Fly came to a point on the wall of the building and paused as though he didn’t know what to do next. Then he reached with his right arm to take hold of a piece of mortar to lift himself higher. But instead of moving higher, he fell back with a scream and was killed on the pavement below. When the police opened his right hand, it did not contain a piece of mortar. It contained a handful of dirty cobwebs! The Fly had tried to climb on cobwebs, and it just didn’t work.”

What about you? What are you holding on to for your salvation? Is it something solid or just a mass of cobwebs?

Warren W. Wiersbe, Be Real: Turning from Hypocrisy to Truth (Colorado Springs, CO: Chariot Victor Publishing, 1972) p. 25.

Brian Hedges is Senior Pastor of Fulkerson Park Baptist Church in Niles, MI.