Blood is central to Scripture. A quick search of the New International Version of the Bible finds the word blood in more that 350 verses. Why is blood such an important part of the message of the Bible? What should this blood mean to us today?

For believers, the blood sacrifice of the Old Testament immediately reminds us of Christ's sacrifice. D.L Moody once said, "A man who has not realized what the blood has done for him has not the token of salvation."

Moody continued: "Look at that Roman soldier as he pushed his spear into the very heart of the God-Man. What a hellish deed! But what was the next thing that took place? Blood covered the spear. Oh! Thank God, the blood covers sin. There was the blood covering that spear, the very point of it. The very crowning act of love; the crowning act of wickedness was the crowning act of grace."

-Joe Stowell, Today in the Word, July 2003, p. 2