Jesus' parable of a man who found buried treasure in a field has had some modern parallels to show that, like all His parables, this one is true to life.

In 1820, a Greek farmer on the island of Milos uncovered some blocks of carved stone. Digging deeper, he found four statues. One of them was bought by a French archaeological team and sent to Paris. Now people from all over the world go to Paris just to see it: the Venus de Milo.

One of the best examples of buried treasure occurred in Tallin, Estonia. When government restrictions were eased, a church was able to build a small addition. Digging for the foundation they found a metal box. In it were thousands of copies of the gospel of John in Estonian. At that time it was virtually impossible to find a Bible in the Estonian language. The church never discovered who had buried them there, or when, but to them it was truly buried treasure.