Protect Your Child

1. Keep your child in sight at all times; when your child is away from you, know whom he or she is with and where.
2. Teach your child not to wander off and to avoid lonely places.
3. Establish strict procedures for picking your child up from school, at a friend's, after a movie, etc. Don't let your child accept rides from anyone with whom you haven't made previous arrangements-even if they say they're a policeman, teacher or friend of the family.
4. Teach your child never to go anywhere with anyone who doesn't know a family "code" word.
5. Teach your child his full name, your full name, address and telephone number. Make sure you teach him how to make local and long distance phone calls. Even a small child can be taught to dial 911 for help.
6. Tell your child about the abduction problem in a calm and simple way as if you were teaching any other important coping skill.
7. Listen attentively when your child talks about a man or woman he or she met in your absence.
8. Teach your child that it's o.k. to run away or to scream if someone is making him or her do something he doesn't want to do.
9. Have photos taken four times a year (especially for preschoolers); make note of birthmarks and other distinguishing features.

-Child Find, Inc.