The story is told that many years ago, a little boy was visiting London with his family, and he decided he wanted to see the king. Of course, when he arrived at the palace, the gates were closed and the soldiers refused his request to see the king. He took his case to a nearby policeman, who said, "I'm afraid you're not allowed in there."

A well-dressed gentleman had walked up and heard the conversation. He turned to the boy and said, "What's the matter?" The boy answered, "I want so much to see the king." The gentleman took the boy by the hand and said, "Come with me." As they moved toward the gate, the soldiers sprang to attention and a guard quickly opened the gate for them to enter. He led the boy into the palace and up the steps, and no one tried to stop them as they went right into the king's offices.

The reason is that the well-dressed gentleman was the Prince of Wales, the king's son, and he was the one who could give the boy access to his father, the king.
So it is that Jesus Christ alone can give us access to God the Father -- and He purchased that access with His own blood, shed on the cross.

Illustration by:  Robert R. Kopp, Logans Ferry Presbyterian Church, New Kensington, PA