Mamie Adams always went to a specific branch post office in her town because the postal employees were friendly. On a busy afternoon, just a few days before Christmas, she stopped by to purchase a few stamps. While waiting in the long line, a man pointed out that there was no need to wait, a stamp machine was in the lobby. "I know," said Mamie, "but the machine won't ask me about my arthritis."

The art of kindness has not been lost, but sometimes it gets tucked away, especially during the holidays. There are so many errands to run, goodies to bake, gifts to wrap - that we forget the spirit of Christmas, sharing the good news of Jesus' birth with others by showing our love and generosity. When you take the time to encourage someone, it might be the small act that changes his or her entire life! Go the extra mile for someone in need - become involved in your community. The art of kindness is in you.

 - Turning Point Daily Devotional, 12-18-03