According to Henry Jacobsen, six Scottish miners were forced to make a heart-rending decision. While they were working some 1,500 feet below the surface, a shaft collapsed. Debris trapped one of their companions. Then mud and water began to rush in.

The miners realized that soon all avenues of escape would be closed to them, and they all would perish unless they fled without delay. With great agony the six men decided to let their co-worker die rather than be entombed in that shaft while attempting to save him. They were compelled to abandon him.

In contrast, God is never forced to forsake one of His children. No matter how desperate the situation may be or how great the problems we face, the heavenly Father stays by our side to meet our deepest needs with His infinite wisdom and power. Under no circumstance and at no time will he give up on those He has purchased with the blood of His Son. We may at times feel abandoned, but we will never be abandoned.


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