The Bride of Christ

In her book The Key to a Loving Heart, Karen Mains includes a parable about the church titled "The Brawling Bride." It tells about the most climactic moment in a wedding ceremony. The families have been seated. The groom and his attendants are in their places. The minister is waiting, Bible in hand. The bridesmaids have come down the aisle. The organ begins the bridal march, and everyone rises. A gasp bursts from the guest. The bride is limping. Her gown is ripped and covered with mud. One eye is purple and swollen. Her hair is mussed. In the parable, the groom is Christ. "Doesn't He deserve better than this?" the author asks. His bride, the church has been fighting again.

Ridiculous? Not when we hear of churches with factions that sit on opposite sides of the aisle. Not when one part of the congregation meets upstairs at the same time the rest meet in the basement.


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