Each September in the country of Malaysia, Chinese people there celebrate the Mooncake Festival. It is observed a time when the moon is very bright and supposedly closer to the earth. The festival is filled with superstitions and pagan ideas. Mooncakes are round meat pies, stuffed with eggs, pork and bean paste. Once they were stuffed with something else as well. At the end of the 13th century in China the Chinese people planned an uprising against the ruling Manchu dynasty. Messages were hidden in mooncakes and circulated throughout the country. That gave the signal for the revolt. (Is that the ancestor of the fortune cookie?) There is a message in the bread of communion, too. It is not a message written on paper. Some eat the bread with no idea that the message is there. But to the discerning there is a deep spiritual message in communion bread -- and that message is the very reason for Communion. The message is that Christ died for our sins, and we must now pledge our allegiance to him.