Fielding's travel guidebooks are well known, but one is very unusual. It's a guide to The World's Most Dangerous Places. Reviewers recommend that you read it at home for an armchair adventure, but it is also practical for those who want adventure travel. It includes places like Colombia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Algeria and many others. The book tells you how to stay safe in such places and how to avoid looking like a tourist. But most importantly, it tells you the most dangerous places to be so that you can avoid them.

Could there be a guidebook for the most dangerous places spiritually? It would be different for different people, of course. Perhaps only you know what place is the most dangerous for you. That place might be perfectly safe for someone else, and his soul might be in jeopardy in a place that is no threat to you. Each of us, as individuals, ought to determine where we are in the greatest spiritual danger. Then we ought to avoid such places altogether.