As Pastor John Aker boarded a DC-10 at Newark Airport, the plane was nearly empty. The computer, however, had assigned him a seat next to a man named Richard. Once airborne, the two began talking; Richard had come from the Sloan-Lettering Institute for Cancer Research. His condition: skin cancer. Doctors gave him 10 months at best. He was going home to Nebraska. "May I tell you about something that changed my life: asked John. Richard nodded. John explained the way of salvation. "Will you trust Jesus for your future-for what lies beyond the grave for you?" Richard clutched his hand and said, "Pray with me." Right there, 10,000 feet over Chicago he gave his heart to Christ.

Months later, John again boarded a plane at Newark. This time he sat next to an elderly woman who was on her way to Beatrice, Nebraska. As they talked, John was amazed to learn that this was Richard's mother. She told him that her son was growing in the Lord, and that she had known Christ a long time. "I'm so encouraged," said Richard's mother. "Yes, and I'm inspired," said John, "That Richard has followed through and that God arranged for us to sit together." The woman replied, "You know, this wasn't my seat. Just before you came on the plane a woman asked me to change seats with her."

God does direct our steps! If we are yielded to Him, He will use us. As we enter each new day, let's trust God to "arrange the seating" in our lives.

-From Our Daily Bread