A mother was approached by her young son, who asked, "Mommy, did God make Himself?" Realizing that such questions by children are very important and must be answered, she dropped what she was doing and sat down with her youngster for a little talk. Pointing to her wedding band, she said, "This is a 'love ring,' which your daddy gave me when we were married. Look at it closely and tell me where it begins and where it ends."

The youngster examined it carefully and then said, "There's no starring place and stopping place to a ring." The mother replied, "That's the way it is with God. He had no beginning and has no end, yet He encircles our lives with His presence. He is too wonderful, too great, for our minds to understand. Nobody ever made God - He always was!" Somehow the boy realized that for God to be God, He could not have been created. He had to be without beginning and without end.

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