One of the most popular Celtic bands in the world is Clannad. Their music has been featured in movies like Patriot Games and Last of the Mohicans. The lead singer with the distinctive, haunting voice is Maire Brennan. She is also the sister of another Celtic superstar, Enya. Maire has released two Christian albums, “Perfect Time” and “Whisper on the Water.” Some assumed that she released the album simply to find a new audience, others assumed she had a recent conversion.

Maire tells her story in Today’s Christian Woman. She has actually been a Christian for a little over a decade. Clannad is a family group, but they are treated like rock stars and for a time Maire lived like a rock star. She gave that lifestyle up for faith and family. She has a fine Christian family. She and her husband play in their church’s worship team. While worried that some assume that since she sings Celtic music she must be a druid or a pagan, Maire has enjoyed the opportunity her music gives her to reach seekers with the message of Jesus Christ. She says people are “hungry for depth of meaning in their lives. They’re looking for ‘spirituality,’ without knowing what that means.” We are not all musicians or preachers, but we can all be Christ’s representatives in our chosen occupation.

J. Michael Shannon is professor of preaching at Cincinnati Bible College in Cincinnati, OH.