In a recent sermon, John Huffman noted, "There are all kinds of fears that we confront in our everyday living. I remember an article featured in Time magazine titled "Flying Scared." It was an exposé of the phobias that many prominent people have when it comes to flying in airplanes. Conductor Andre Previn, actress Joanne Woodward, comedians Bob Newhart and Jackie Gleason and President Ronald Reagan were among some of the prominent personalities listed. Each of them were described as scared of flying.
"On one occasion, while in flight, Ronald Reagan was congratulated because he seemed to have overcome his fear. He immediately snapped back, "Overcome it! I'm holding this plane up in the air by sheer will power." Some, like Jackie Gleason, would not even step on an airplane. The Biography Channel from time to time shows pictures of him and his entourage making their way across country by train because he refused to step on an airplane."