Somebody Always Pays

Someone always pays for promiscuity - and it is not always the primary participants who pay the most.

This year there will be 1.2 million pregnant teenagers. Do you know that it costs federal and state governments an average of $100,000 in medical and welfare costs for every single teen who has a child? Consider the following statistics from The Associated Press:

Teenage child-bearing cost the nation $16.6 billion last year and the 385,000 babies who were the first born to adolescents in 1985 will receive $5 billion in welfare benefits over the next 20 years, according to the study just released…The study estimated that the government spent $16.5 billion last year in welfare costs to support families started by teenagers. This estimate includes payments for AFDC, Medicaid and food stamps as well as the costs of administering these programs.

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