Stars Say, Yes!

In Michigan, in four cities that studied junior high and high school girls, it was found that the girls watch an average of two and a half to three hours of soap operas per day, and that there is one episode of sexual intercourse per hour in those films - almost always between unmarried people. But more surprising to us was that the movies these youngsters wanted to see most were R-rated movies, and we found that 66 to 77 percent of the girls in these four cities had seen the six top R-rated films that year. The fascinating thing to me is that not one of these girls were ever challenged at the box office although all of them were under age, and the movies contained eight instances of sexual intercourse among unmarried people per film. Two of these films had even more than that. One had fourteen. That one was so popular with young people that it has now been made into a television series.

I think the media has downgraded morality in this country to the point where kids think if they do what they see, they are behaving according to the norm of society.

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