Walter Lee Price, a church elder, former FBI agent and lawyer, has an interesting story in his book, 100 Years at the Bar. In Carter County, TN, a church engaged an attorney to help them in a new project. The attorney had titled the land to The Lord God, Almighty. When the church wanted to move they had trouble executing the deed. The attorney who originally set up the deed said he would handle the problem at no cost to them.

The attorney performed a diligent search for the owner, God, and informed the local sheriff he could not find him. The newspaper in an adjoining county ran this headline "The Lord God Not to Be Found in Carter County." After the laughter, we need to ask some important questions. Could the Lord God Almighty be found in our church, our home, or our lives?

Illustration by J. Michael Shannon, Professor of Preaching, Cincinnati Bible College & Seminary, Cincinnati, OH.