A young girl once ran away from home to get married. Her father was very angry and said that he would never forgive her. She was sorry to have grieved her father and wrote him long letters begging for his forgiveness; however, he took no notice. By and by, the daughter had a little son. When the boy was old enough to run about alone, she said to herself, "I will write no more letters to my father, but I will send my little son. He shall be a living letter. My father will know what I want to say to him when he sees his little grandson. He will know that I still love him and want his forgiveness."

So she took the little boy to his grandfather's house and sent him in alone to speak to her father. She bade him to put his arms around his grandfather's neck and kiss him. When the little fellow did this the old man's heart melted. He sent at once for the mother and forgave her.