In the Easter 2006 edition of Key Life magazine, Steve Brown shares the story of one of his students who deeply loved his father, a pastor. "My student told me why. When he was in third grade or so, his father became quite angry with him. His father didn't strike him, but held him and yelled at him. As a result, he thought his father hated him.

"Later that same day, the school principal came into his class to tell him his father was outside waiting to speak with him. He thought to himself, 'Did I do something else bad?' He went downstairs where his father was waiting. To his great surprise and shock, his father got down on his knees in front of his son and asked for forgiveness. His father is a great preacher…because he is a great man. The son expected anger…yet received love.

"That is true with us, too. God isn't angry at His people. God isn't a policeman. God is your Father. That is the promise."