In her book, Sticking Up for What I Believe, Gwendolyn Mitchell Diaz answers questions that teenagers ask about God and life. Question #7 is "Isn't living a good life good enough?" Many people falsely believe that humanity is generally good, and if you try your best, God will just have to let you in won't He?

Listen to her response: "Any standard we try to apply to determine a cutoff point that should allow us access into heaven turns out to be arbitrary and opinionated. Any effort we make to live up to our standards are based on pride in our own abilities. Instead of acknowledging that we cannot live a good enough life on our own, we devise all kinds of methods and rituals to get us there" (p. 110).

The Bible tells us in Romans 3:23 that we all fall short of God's glory, but He has met the standard through the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God offers the righteousness of His son to us by grace through faith. That truly is an amazing grace!

-Preaching September/October 2002