Once when my parents were visiting our home in Indiana, we took them to Lake Michigan. It was a real delight, especially for my eleven-year-old sister, who had never seen such a large body of water before. As we visited that day about how relaxing it was to be in nature and enjoy the sound of the waves, my Dad told me about an interview he had heard with a woman who had been born deaf. By some kind of surgical procedure a small portion of her hearing was restored. And in this interview, she spoke with incredible gratitude about how much she enjoyed even the sound of water running in her sink when she brushed her teeth every morning! Something so common-place, yet to her it was filled with glory! Why? Because she suddenly had ears to hear.

That is what the Holy Spirit does to us in relation to Christ. He gives us ears to hear the Voice of Jesus, the Son of God speaking through the pages of Scripture. He gives us eyes to see the brightness of the glory of God shining forth from this Man of Galilee. He gives us new palates with which to taste the sweetness of Him who gave His body to be the bread of the world.

Brian Hedges is Senior Pastor of Fulkerson Park Baptist Church in Niles, MI.