This story begins in 1989 in Harlingen, Texas. Dan Henderson was on the city desk when a man dropped by the office and said that he was from Cleveland, Ohio. His name was Don Richards. He was visiting the Valley. He was crusading there and everywhere, he said, "to encourage more motorists to use their seat belts." He said that his wife had been killed in a comparatively minor car accident because she did not have her lap strap buckled. Mr. Richards said, "You newspaper people should do more to encourage the proper use of seat belts!"

That was a year ago.

Now, The Valley Morning Star has received word from Cleveland that Crusader Donald Richards was himself involved in a head-on car crash on a rural road. His head went through the wind shield and he is dead. State police say that he was not wearing his seat belt.

-Sermons Illustrated May/June 1990