A man named Roy described the trip his family made last summer to DisneyWorld. The weather was hot and the crowds were enormous. It seemed that they had to wait in line 45 minutes for everything. Roy and his family began to complain and grumble.

Late in the afternoon they took refuge in a shady corner of the park, resting and sipping a soft drink. They noticed a middle-aged couple passing by, the man pushing a crippled teenage boy in a wheelchair. This family was having a wonderful time. The heat, the pushing and even being crippled hadn't dampened their spirits.

Roy recalls, "Suddenly I saw the contrast between our own family -- healthy with three children with strong legs -- and the other family. We were complaining and miserable, while they were having a great time. With so many things to be thankful for, how easy it is to forget them all."
(Bill Bouknight, "Just a Thought")