Max Hickerson tells a wonderful story about guitar phenomenon Les Paul. Paul was known as the "Architect of Rock and Roll" and for inventing the solid body electric guitar.

In 1948, Paul's passion for the guitar almost came to a tragic end. While driving on a bridge in Oklahoma, his car skidded off into a river and his arm was shattered. Doctors told Paul they could save his arm, but he would never play the guitar again. Paul gave the surgeons a suggestion. Could they set his arm at a slightly less than 90 degree angle so he could still cradle his guitar? That's what they did.

So, for the rest of his life, Les Paul could not throw, reach or raise his right arm. It didn't matter to him; he could play the guitar. Maybe we should ask the Lord to remold us and set us so that all we can do is fulfill our passion to serve Him.