There was much space given for eulogies of the celebrated atheistic essayist, Christopher Hitchens. Even those who disagreed strongly with Hitchens enjoyed his writings and praised his independence and courage. Nevertheless, Hitchens was not just an atheist; he was an anti-theist, as well as anti-religion, believing it spoils everything. He said so in his book, God Is Not Great. In his suffering and death, he did not change his mind about God and the possibility of a life to come, although he did appreciate the good wishes from everyone, including Christians who were praying for him.

Not long ago in a debate, Hitchens spoke of death and said, "It will happen to all of us that at some point, you get tapped on the shoulder and told not just that the party's over, but slightly worse: The party's going on, but you have to leave." We Christians have a different point of view. However much we enjoy this life, we believe that when we leave this earth we actually are going to the party and that party will never end.