The March 20, 2010, edition of the Turning Point online devotional shares this story: In the early days of television, there was a situation comedy in which two characters were discussing an acquaintance who had the annoying habit of slapping his friends across the chest whenever they met. "I am fixed for him," said one character to the other. "I put a stick of dynamite in my vest pocket and the next time he slaps me he is going to get his hand blown off."

He hadn't bothered to think the dynamite would hurt him more than his friend.

David Jeremiah says, "An unforgiving spirit is like that. The Bible tells us to beware of the root of bitterness that can spring up and defile many. Jesus told us to be quick and frequent forgivers. His phrase 'seventy times seven' wasn't intended to give us a literal count, but to convey an ongoing attitude. Whenever we're hurt by someone, we can either hold on to the grudge, or we can process it on our knees, releasing the bitterness and leaving the matter in God's hands. Don't walk around with dynamite in your pocket."