Unfortunately Edwin Booth is known primarily as the brother of John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln. Booth was a celebrated Shakespearean actor.

One stormy night in London, only a few people showed up for a performance. Some of the actors wanted to cancel the performance, but Booth said, "No." The cast asked how they could possibly get motivated for the performance, and Booth suggested they pretend the king was in the audience and to perform for him. "The king is in the audience. Play to the king," said Booth.

One day later, Booth received a note that bore the royal seal. It was a note of appreciation from the king. He had been in the audience. He had chosen the stormy night, thinking few would be present. He sat in the back unrecognized. They had played to the king.

Whatever we do, whether we realize it or not, we play to the King.