Did you hear or read the story about the Iowa couple who were married for 72 years and died one hour apart holding hands? Their names were Gordon and Norma Yeager. Not only did they stay together for all those years, but they stayed committed for all those years. Their son, Dennis, said, "They're very old-fashioned. They believed in marriage "‘til death do you part," The earthly adventure ended when the Yeagers were critically injured in an automobile accident. The hospital knew of their commitment and while both had serious injuries, they were kept together where they could hold hands. Gordon died first; he quit breathing but still registered a pulse. Observers noticed they were holding hands and her pulse was being transferred to his body. One hour later, Norma died, too. At their funeral, it was arranged for them to hold hands in repose. The family said the couple will be cremated and their ashes mixed together.