The news recently carried a story about a Memphis delivery person who probably saved a customer's life. Jean Wilson had ordered pizza every day for three years. We might debate the health ramifications of that; but in this case, her habit alerted people to her condition. For three days, there were no orders from Jean. Susan Guy said her boss told her about the change in habit.

Susan insisted on checking on Jean. When no one came to the door and a neighbor reported not seeing her for days, Guy called 911. When police arrived, they broke down the door and found Wilson had fallen and could not get up. She was then taken to the hospital.

Sometimes people drop out of our churches. We notice they have altered their schedules, but we fail to go after them. While it is not always pleasant to find out why, the church needs to go after them—not for numbers, but because it is our duty. We just might save someone for the kingdom.