It was Easter Sunday and the pastor gathered the children at the front of the church to ask them about the meaning of Easter. The pastor was disappointed as he listened to the first response: "Easter is the day the Easter Bunny comes and kids look for hidden eggs and eat chocolate."

The second response was more encouraging as a young girl said, "Easter is the time we remember Jesus died and later rose from the dead."

Trying to relate that event to the present, the pastor asked, "What happens when those who believe in Jesus die?"

The children thought for a moment before one cried out, "They go to heaven."

Pressing further he asked, "What happens to those who don't believe in Jesus when they die?"

After a long pause, one boy blurted out, "They have a bad day."
(Craig A. Smith, Sermon Illustrations for an Asian Audience, Manila: OMF Publishing, 2004)