Given the recent interest in Harold Camping's mistaken predictions of a May 21, 2011, rapture, here are some thoughts from David Jeremiah in his Jan. 2, 2011, Turning Point Daily Devotional:

"Save this date!" That's the slogan of those proffering specific dates for the return of Jesus Christ to earth.

The fourth-century Christian writer Lactantius determined Jesus would return in A.D. 520. Many believed Jesus would come in the year 1000, causing adherents to stay up all night on New Year's Eve 999, awaiting the great event. Some among the Anabaptists believed Christ would come in 1533--exactly 1500 years after His death by their reckoning. Archbishop Ussher believed our Lord would come on a particular day in 1644. George Rapp, a religious teacher in Pennsylvania, predicted Christ's return on Sept. 15, 1829. William Miller caused widespread panic through America by announcing Oct. 22, 1844, as the date of Christ's return. In the 1980s, a popular booklet gave 88 reasons why the rapture would occur in 1988.

"Jesus told us to be ready any time. Not even the angels know the exact day, but we're to 'Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time is" (Mark 13:33).

It might be today! Are you ready?