David Jeremiah writes: "Reuters recently reported about a hunter in Belarus who shot a fox from a distance, but as he approached the wounded animal it sprang on him. As the two scuffled, the fox got its paw on the trigger of the rifle and shot the man in the leg. The hunter was transported to the hospital and the fox escaped.

"In our struggle with sin, we've got to make sure Satan doesn't turn the tables on us. The Bible warns us to beware of the little foxes that can spoil the vines (Song of Solomon 2:15).

"We're safe if we're always clad in the breastplate of righteousness. The word breastplate is misleading, as this piece of armor also protected the back, neck and hips. It was like a wrap-around shield that encased the body's vital organs. It's the Bible's symbol for a holy life. Let's beware of little sins that can put chinks in our armor. Living righteously requires constant commitment and wise decision-making. We must be in constant submission and surrender to the will of God with hearts open to His righteousness, lest we be outfoxed." (Today's Turning Point newsletter, 5-18-11)