If you could condense the entire history of humanity in a 50 year span, here is how it would read:

  • The first 45 years nothing significant would happen.
  • 5 years ago man began to have some type of primitive writing and communication.
  • 2 years ago Christianity came into being.
  • 5 months ago the most important inventions the world has ever known, the printing press, came into being.
  • 20 days ago Ben Franklin proved that lightning and electricity were the same thing.
  • 19 days ago the telephone was invented.
  • 18 days ago, a couple of high school dropouts invented the airplane.
  • 10 days ago a radio came into being.
  • 5 days ago a television
  • and 5 minutes ago, jet airplanes

The point? We live in an ever increasingly changing world. Are you ready for it?