Beatitudes for Children's Workers

Blessed are they who love children with all their hearts, for they shall be rewarded with hugs and smiles.
Blessed are they who have planned and prepared, for the children will be interested and pay attention.
Blessed are they who arrive early, for they shall be able to welcome the children at the door with a loving smile.
Blessed are those who get to know their children, their children's parents, and their children's home situation; for they shall be able to minister more effectively.
Blessed are they who respect each child's personality and seek to meet that child at his own level of understanding, for young lives shall reap benefits from these efforts in years to come.
Blessed are they who bear witness to children week after week, for they shall see boys and girls grow in knowledge and love of God.
Blessed are they who spend time alone with God each day, for they shall grow spiritually and the Lord will use them as His instruments.
Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for the Lord will honor your commitment and give you pleasure and satisfaction in your ministry to children.