At the intersection of Meeting Street and Broad Street in Charleston, South Carolina, is the famous four corners of Law. On one corner is the City Hall, representing City laws. On the next corner is the County Courthouse, representing State laws. On the third corner is the Federal Building, representing Federal laws. On the fourth corner is a Church representing God's law. If you were ranking the four from lowest to highest, you would have to begin with city, then state, then federal and above all God's Law.

Unfortunately, the laws of men are sometimes more respected than the laws of God. The apostles recognized the importance of man's law. See Romans chapter 13. But they also recognized that God's laws are higher, saying, "We ought to obey God rather than men." It can be demonstrated that those who respect God's law will also respect the laws of City, State and Nation unless they directly conflict with God's law. And those who spurn God's Law cannot be trusted to respect the rest.