Recently a 61-year-old Massachusetts grandmother took some wrong turns and got into a pile of trouble. It was her first day on her new job as a school bus driver. She got so lost that she wound up in the state of Connecticut. Because she had already picked up ten kids on her route, an all-points bulletin was issued for her on charges of kidnapping. Since she had crossed a state line, the FBI was called in. After finally locating and questioning this distraught lady, the police concluded that she had just made some wrong turns and gotten lost.

Most people who stray away from God are not angry with God or hostile toward the church. They just get distracted, make a few wrong turns, and suddenly they are lost. God is more eager to find us than we are to be found. At this moment God is whispering the name of each person who has gone astray, hoping that he or she will come home.

 - Bill Bouknight, "Just a Thought," 11/20/03