Fox News reported on July 31, 2002 that a new drink is gaining wide-spread popularity. Nexcite has sold over 24 million bottles in the last year. The reason? This beverage serves as a contemporary "love potion." One coffee shop owner who discovered the drink at a trade show bought and brought as many as she could fit in a U-Haul back to her store. She began selling Nexcite immediately (Of course, she only recommends the drink for married couples.). Pretty soon this coffee shop owner had people lining up at her door desiring to get their hands on a bottle. Fox reports that one man even offered several thousand dollars for the opportunity to ingest the liquid love ("Look Out, Love Potion No. 9" by Michael Y. Park,,2933,59171,00.html).
How foolish to think that love is packaged in a bottle! Our culture leads us to believe that love is merely a feeling that comes and goes - not a commitment that involves much work to maintain and yields a much greater reward than a moment of pleasure. Humanity is always looking for immediate gratification; it's no wonder we're now trying to bottle it for sale at your local store or restaurant. Love is only possible because of God's love first for us. And it is only as we trust in Him that we will experience true love and be empowered to give it.

-Preaching September/October 2002