The countryside around Vienna is divided into the Waldviertel (the Forest Quarter) the Weinviertel (the Wine quarter) an the Mostfiertel (the Cider Quarter). In the past, the main crop is the pear which is made into a drink, a spiced bread, and is also stored for the long winter. They have a saying in that region of Austria: "Ente gut -- alles gut." It means "Crop all right -- everything all right."

No one can really take such a slogan seriously. Certainly there was a time when much depended on a good harvest in that region. But there are so many things that can go wrong in life; things which all material objects are helpless to prevent or remedy. If you have problems with your health, problems with your children, problems in your marriage, no good harvest will help. No increase in wealth will help. No increased factory output will help. When we have these kind of things going wrong in our lives we must look to spiritual factors not to material things.