Who would believe that a butterfly can fly for 2,000 miles to escape the winter? If it had not been documented that the Monarch butterfly does indeed do that, people would have said that the very idea was ridiculous. But it has been documented and it is true. If you told someone that a little caterpillar would become a lovely butterfly and sail through the air with the greatest of ease, you would say it could not be, but it has been documented and it is true. There are so many things in nature that seem incredible, yet are true.

If the seemingly incredible is true of such little things as worms and butterflies, why do we find it hard to believe in the power of an omnipotent God. Yet some people do find it hard to believe that God can reveal Himself to mankind, answer prayer, give strength and forgive sin. To those who have experienced it, of course, it is not incredible at all.