How's this for a great perspective on life when you're 100 years young?

Henry Stenhouse, a 100 year old Goldsboro, N.C. eye doctor running for Congress in North Carolina's 3rd District, figures time is on his side. He calls his two opponents in today's Republican primary "capable." But, he says, "They don't have the advantage I have." What's that? "Perspective," says the man aiming to be Congress's first centenarian. The district hasn't had a GOP representative since Reconstruction, but Stenhouse is undeterred.

His platform: Stop foreign aid. End welfare. Rewrite the tax code. He calls child care "another welfare thing" and says the country would be better off if women stayed home.

Stenhouse vows not to serve more than two terms. "I don't want to be there all my life," he reasons.

-Desda Moss, USA Today, May 8, 1990