Two years ago, Richard Brimage of Kingsville, Texas, lured Mary Beth Kunkel, 19, to his home. "I really wanted to have her sexually and when she did not do so, I killed her," he told police. Brimage choked Kunkel to death, then tied her up in a fashion similar to a bondage scene in pornographic video found in Brimage's living room.

Richard Daniel Starrett of Martinez, S.C., confessed to kidnapping and killing a 15-year-old girl last December, but he is also charged with the sex slaying of other young girls. Starrett, who blamed his criminal behavior on pornography, kept a huge stash of porn in a rented mini-warehouse. During one raid police found 935 hardback and paperback books depicting nudity, horror and sexual violence.

When John Weber, 25, of Wausau, Wis., was arrested last year, police found more than 100 pornographic magazines in his car. Weber, who had a fascination with porn dating back to his childhood, was found guilty last March of the torture/murder of his sister-in-law.

-Focus on the Family Magazine October 1989