The wives who lived within the walls of Weinsberg Castle in Germany were aware of the riches it held: gold, silver, jewels -- wealth beyond belief.

The day came in 1141 AD when all their treasure was threatened. An enemy army surrounded the castle and demanded the fortress, the fortune and the lives of the men inside the walls. There was nothing to do but surrender.

Although the conquering commander had set a condition for the safe release of all women and children, the wives of Weinsberg refused to leave without having one of their own conditions met as well. They demanded that they be allowed to fill their arms with as many possessions as they could carry out with them. Knowing that the women couldn't possibly make a dent in the massive fortune, their request was honored.

When the gates of the castle were finally opened, the army outside was stunned at the sight. Each woman had carried out her husband. The wives of Weinsberg truly understood what riches really occupied the castle! (Quoted in the Harvest Newsletter. Kansas District Church of the Nazarene, Volume LXVII Issue 6, Dec. 2001-Jan. 2002 by Darrell Bisel)


Derl G. Keefer, Preaching November/December 2002