When our Lord said that even the hairs of your head were numbered, He probably did not mean to be taken literally. The number of hairs varies from person to person. A dark haired person has about 100,000 hairs. Some people have none. And such trivial matters are of little concern to God.

Surely Jesus was saying that God knows us intimately; knows us intimately even though each one of us is different. He knows us so well that He knows what we need before we ask. Still, He wants us to ask. It is not for his sake but for ours. We do not pray to inform God of our need. We pray to focus our own minds on our needs and on God's ability to supply. Of course, we are sometimes disappointed in God's care.

There are some days when you should not sing to some people that old gospel song, "God Will Take Care of You." People are sometimes disappointed in the results of prayer and disappointed by the way God has taken care of them. It will take time and faith for them to attain the perspective of one Christian man who said, "I have learned that death is the ultimate healer."